Autumn’s here. So, what’s in the patch?

March 2, 2012

vegie patch V2

The Tassie Menagerie’s latest produce
Spring onions, Savoy cabbage, beans, beetroot and even more zucchinis. Carrots – St.Valery and Royal Chantenay (seeds from The Lost Seed Company).
Carrot Tip: If you plant carrots in October for early Summer, plant more in December and again in February. This last crop will provide you with Winter carrots. The soil has to be well-worked and don’t use fresh fertilisers, otherwise you’ll get root forking.
Fruit – berry and apple update
Strawberries – we’re still producing a few.
We are eating straight from the wild blackberry tree but we have to be careful of Mr. Snake who fancies them too.
Our Cox’s Orange Pippins (apple trees) are looking good – all five of them. They won’t be pickable until they have a waxy, glossy shine.
Nectarines are finished. We had to gobble them like there was no tomorrow because they’d ripen and rot very quickly. The ducks loved them too, so they were in high demand.
Pears still need time.

The Tassie Farm


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