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Blacksmiths Nick Attfield and Ben Beames will be exhibiting this weekend at Adelaide’s Bowerbird Bazaar Design Market, 22-24 November 10am-5pm. Nick and Ben are Friends of The Tassie Farm and two of Tasmania’s finest smithies – forging hot metal using ancient techniques to produce contemporary works. For more on the not so bizarre at the Bazaar go to

Spring fruit Sprung!

November 20, 2013

Spring fruit is everywhere on The Tassie Farm – blueberries, cherries and grapes to name a few. But the farm animals are eating it quicker than Kerry and Nick can pick. Like the farm’s rooster, a very gentleman-like chap who holds the blueberry branch down while the chooks graze!

Five little ducks went out one day, over the hills and far away. Mother Duck went Quack! Quack! Quack! but only two little ducks came back.
Unfortunately for these unsuspecting ducklings, bigger birds of prey were lurking around the dam. Hopefully Mother Duck will be able to look after her smaller brood. This photo was taken when they were two weeks old.

Spring chickens and chicks

November 12, 2013

Spring is everywhere you turn at the moment on The Tassie Farm. New chicks and ducklings have arrived, the trees are blossuming and fruit is appearing. This mother hen is keeping a close watch on her triplets. This photo was taken two weeks ago.


936ABC Radio Hobart interviewed Higgledy-Piggledy Farm’s illustrator, Kerry Hodge, earlier this week. Click on the story and listen to her talk about the new sound version of ‘The importance Of Poo!’ iBook.

Rabbits in the patch!

October 27, 2013

Rabbits in the patch! The straw that broke the camel’s back! Yes it’s the time to grow strawberries in Tasmania and the farm’s patch was doing very well until those not-so-cute Beatrix Potter-inspired characters paid a visitor and ate all the flowers. Farmer Nick hopes the strawberries will bounce back – and so might the rabbits!

Did you know? Victoria (32%) and Queensland (33%) are the biggest strwberry-producing states in Australia. Victoria’s season is October to May and Queensland’s is June to October. Tasmania’s crops are only 2% of Australia’s overall production – Tassie’s season offically runs from November to February. There are over 620 growers Australia-wide (2005 figures)*.

Gate-way to The Tassie Farm

October 22, 2013

Gate Scott! The Grand Opening of our Gate is here! Over six years in the making, from inspiration to installation. Congratulations Nick! It’s magnificent. Statuesque, even! and well worth the wait. Everyone on The Tassie Farm is overjoyed that the farm now has a front door! If you’d like to see ‘The Making Of’ Nick and Kerry’s Gate, just click on the links below: Or to see more of Nick’s work 

Stone fruit season

October 12, 2013

the-tassie- farm-apricots-spring-australia
Stone fruits come out to play which means Christmas is on its way! Here on The Tassie Farm, we always associate stone fruits with the festive season. And, so it’s with great joy we announce the arrival of our inaugral apricot for 2013! We pruned this tree for the very first time in Autumn – and it seemed to work with the shooting of many baby apricots. We’re looking forward to a bumper crop so we can make jars and jars of Apricot Jam.


Garlic: mid season update

October 5, 2013

Garlic planting on The Tassie Farm happened in May/June and harvest isn’t until December – so we thought we’d give you a mid season update on how our ‘crop’ is progressing. As you can see it’s looking good! Apart from those pesky weeds.

As you may remember, we staggered our planting – in mid May, early June and finally, the last row went in on 21 June, Winter Solstice. We plan to compare all three rows at harvest time. In other posts we have mentioned that garlic needs a cold winter, a moist spring and a warm, reasonably dry November and December. In Tassie, we’ve had two of those  weather ingredients. Fingers crossed for three.

So, have a Bo Peep at your crop and tell us how does your garlic grow? We’d love to know.

Sublime lime

September 30, 2013

Limes are still in season but the best lime times are between January and April. Did you know? Australian citrus production began in 1787? Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit and mandarins were planted in and around Sydney, forming the core of today’s national citrus production. This photo is of The Tassie Farm’s first lime pick. And doesn’t it look iridescent. Almost flouro. A must-have hue in your wardrobe – Spring Summer 2014 (SS14).