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Tassie’s Farm Gate Market

August 23, 2014


Our friends at have told us about tomorrow’s ‘egg legislation day’ at Farm Gate Market (Hobart, Tassie). Come along, sign the petition and ruffle a few feathers. No point keeping your beliefs cooped up!  For more visit:
Edible plants and produce, all grown chemical free in our garden at Neika.
Fresh, seasonal + regional produce, artisan foods + plants direct from producer. Every Sunday in Hobart city from 9am – 1pm. Corner Elizabeth + Melville Streets, Hobart.

Thank Poo! Gardening Club

February 3, 2014

middleton country fair the tassie farm

Thank you to The South Channel Gardening Club for helping us spread the word about the newly-released ‘The Importance Of Poo!’ paperbacks at The Middleton Country Fair.

Glorious weather and big crowds were relished for the one-day event. While the gardener’s were showing off their fare, Kerry and Nick were selling raffle tickets at the Middleton Fire Brigade stand, where Nick is a volunteer fiery. Local celebrities took to the stage, namely Tasmania’s much-loved Tino Carnevale from ABC TV’s Gardening Australia and Nick Haddow from Bruny Island Cheese, Telstra’s 2013 Business Award winner.

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Middleton-Country-Fair-The Tassie Farm
Gardening is what we love and The South Channel Gardening Club will be selling the newly-released  ‘The Importance Of Poo!’ paperbacks at The Middleton Country Fair this Saturday, 1st February.

Rain, hail or shine, The Middleton Country Fair says it will be on in any weather! About 2,000 people usually attend the one-day event. There will be over 70 stalls including crafts, antiques and collectables, wine, cider, preserves, sweets, plus bands, pony rides and sheep shearing. And of course ‘The Importance Of Poo!’ for sale with half the proceeds being donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

Held at the Middleton Community Centre in McDowall Street, The Middleton Country Fair is celebrating its 23rd year. The Fair runs from 10am to 4pm. Entry is free for children and $5 for adults. Middleton rests on the glamorous sounding d’Entrecasteaux Channel about 45 minutes south of Hobart or 25 minutes north of Cygnet.

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Fat Pig Farm Loves Poo!

December 23, 2013

Thanks to Sadie, Hedley and The Gourmet Farmer (Matthew Evans) –  who loved the iBook SFX version of Poo! and posted a review on their page If you don’t have an iPad, don’t worry! A limited edition print run of ‘The Importance Of Poo!’ will be available in the Poo Year! Like us on Facebook so we can let you know when they are ready. For a sneak preview and free iBook sample, check out the widgets on the RHS of this blog. This funny and runny story is only $3.99 and half the proceeds are donated to the Cambodia Children’s Fund, founded by Australian humanitarian, Scott Neeson

936 ABC Hobart radio interview with Kerry Hodge.

Kerry will chat about her real-life Tassie Farm that inspired our Higgledy-Piggledy Farm book series.

936 ABC Hobart’s Jo Spargo Monday, November 4 at 3.10pm

Jack Dyer would have celebrated his 100 birthday this year. To commemorate his life, Friend Of The Farm, Tony Hardy has written ‘Finding Jack Dyer’. Infamously known as ‘Captain Blood’, this remarkable story follows Jack’s career as player, captain and coach, from The Great Depression and World War II through to his off-field performances as sports commentator and one of Australia’s earliest TV stars. Based on fact and sourced from many interviews with family and friends, this true account of one of the game’s hardest players, finds Jack Dyer as a brave, flawed, yet exceptional leader. Discover more on Tony’s official ‘making of’ blog:

Receive 20% off and free postage when you enter the code CAPTAINBLOOD at checkout. Also available at Target, ABC Shop and all good book stores from 1 August.

‘Finding Jack Dyer’: You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll want to break someone’s collarbone.

Melbourne Design Market

July 26, 2013

Melbourne Design Market will play host to many designers and craftspeople like Friend Of The Farm, Gilbert Fraser-Easton. Gill will be showcasing his Huon Pine Picnic Planks at Federation Square, Sunday 28 July 10am-5pm. For more about Gill’s Picnic Planks, check out Friends Of The Farm on this blog.

Christmas in July

July 9, 2013


Christmas in the southern hemisphere. A record low of -12.1 degrees Celsius was recorded overnight in the Central Highlands of Tassie! One local said being outdoors was like walking into a  freezer. This photo (published on is the Miena Hotel near Liawenee in the Great Lake area. Photo by Kaylee Hattinger. More Christmas in July adventures can be found at

Herb and vegetable garden with a view: The banks of the Clarence River, northern NSW.

Do you remember a story we did last year (28 September) about a Station Manager who lived on large property called ‘Thurles’ on the Liverpool Plains in north western NSW?   Well, many years later the same Station Manager moved downstream to a smaller 60 acre (25 hectare) farm with an expansive view of the Clarence River. This plentiful patch belongs to Don and Suzie Skarratt. You’ve probably never seen a rosemary bush so brazen. Mind you, if I was growing in this rich alluvial soil, I’d be out of control too. Other herbs include luscious amounts of parsley, coriander and basil. But no garlic!
The main crops are salad ingredients: mignonette lettuce (green and brown) with seedlings planted every few weeks, all year round; cherry tomatoes (they don’t attract bugs and self seed); and spinach (silver beet ) for spinach pie. The common garden variety tomato (Grosse Lisse) also grows here in winter as long as it’s protected – up against the shed. During summer, Don and Suzie grow button squash, zucchini, pumpkin, rocket, capsicum. The vegie patch went under in the flood earlier this year. The Clarence peaked at a record 8.3 metres in late February, 2013. Photo below taken by Debrah Novak, The Daily Examiner.

Tasmanian Artist Blacksmith Association attracted over 300 to Wednesday night’s exhibition.
The chilly autumn evening was no match for the 300 enthusiasts who filled Hobart’s Salamanca Arts Centre’s Long Gallery. Opened by Violent Femmes bassist, Brain Ritchie, the Bent, Twisted and Upset blacksmiths fired up the local art scene selling a number of exhibited pieces and inspired discussions about future works. The Exhibition runs until 6 June and features pieces by Ben Beames, Nick Attfield, Simon Pankhurst, Pete Mattila and Richard Martin. Curator: Natalie Holtsbaum; Photos: Pete Punkette; Type and design: Alex Miles
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