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About Rosemary Morrow
Known and revered world-wide for her pragmatic and effective approach to creating Permaculture systems across an incredibly broad range of environments. Rosemary has successfully implemented community-scale Permaculture systems in such diverse biospheres as Uganda, Somalia, Thailand, the Middle East, Bhutan, Australia and northern Europe, to name but a few. Her knowledge on how to create abundance, food security and successful sustainable farming models, no matter what the country, is perhaps unparalleled in permaculture education today.

Donate to CCF by purchasing a Higgledy-Piggledy Farm iBook

Higgledy Piggledy Farm on Cambodian Children's fund twitter page

The Cambodian Children’s Fund has recently posted a tweet on twitter @Tweet4CCF about Higgledy-Piggledy Farm’s authors and their quest to raise money for the CCF. You can read the full story at

These two boys know The Importance Of Poo! and were happy to pose for the camera as they read the paperback and iPad versions of the book. For the full story go to:
Free iBook samples and links to iTunes /  iBookstore can be found down the right hand side of this blog.

Higgledy Piggledy Farm donates 50% to Cambodian Children's Fund

Higgledy-Piggledy Farm creates children’s books for a children’s charity, donating half of all book proceeds to the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) – 50% CCF; 30% iBookstore royalties; 20% authors’ costs. CCF was founded in 2004 by Australian humanitarian, Scott Neeson. Today, it provides for families and communities in crisis, caring for more than 1,800 students and 10,000 people every year. In 2012, Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator, awarded CCF a perfect ‘four star’ rating for both financial performance and transparency. CCF spends 76.2% on the programs and services it delivers; 18% administration, 5.7% fundraising expenses. (Figures haven’t been published for 2013). For more visit https://www.ccf-australia.org Free samples of all Higgledy-Piggledy Farm iBooks are available on the right hand side of this blog.

Higgledy Piggledy Farm ibooks for christmas

For just $8 you’ll be able to give three children’s books and at the same time donate to the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF). Higgledy-Piggledy Farm gives half of all book proceeds to CCF. (50% CCF; 30% iBookstore royalties; 20% authors’ costs). Free samples of all Higgledy-Piggledy Farm books are available on the right hand side of this blog. We’re creating children’s books for a children’s charity.

Higgledy Piggledy Farm Dairy first ice cream christmas

Higgledy-Piggledy Farm ebooks can now be downloaded from iBookstore onto your iPad or your mac (with Maverick OS X). Buy all three in the series for just $8 with half the proceeds being donated to CCF. You’ll be putting a smile on many children’s faces if you do.

Mem fox believes in reading to children

“Reading to children is most important,” says Mem Fox. Higgledy-Piggledy Farm agrees with Mem who says, “Parents must keep reading books – either paper or ebooks – with their children to interpret the characters and help the child comprehend the story.” Click on the link for the full story by Fairfax Technology Reporter Lucy Battersby. Photo by David Mariuz: http://www.theage.com.au/digital-life/digital-life-news/mem-fox-angry-kids-are-playing-with-tech-and-not-books-20131109-2x8wh.html

The Importance Of Poo! Now with plips and plops

NEW SOUND VERSION. ‘The Importance Of Poo! Now with Plips and Plops’. So you can hear and read about Gooey and Ooey Poo! This multi touch, interactive iBook includes ‘Read To Me’ (narrator) feature, Poo SFX, a Poo Matching Game PLUS an introduction animation. Just click on the iBookstore widget at the top of this page and download a FREE sample! The book is only $3.99 with 50% of sales being donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund. Poo-ray! Listen to 936ABC radio interview with illustrator, Kerry Hodge http://blogs.abc.net.au/tasmania/2013/11/plips-and-plops-a-very-fun-look-at-the-serious-side-of-poo.html

Higgledy Piggledy Farm Books Donate To CCF

All the animals on Higgledy-Piggledy Farm would like to raise money for CCF. But they need your help. With every purchase of a Higgledy-Piggledy Farm ebook, 50% will be donated to CCF. Read more about the authors and CCF by clicking on this link. https://www.cambodianchildrensfund.org/myccf/interview-with-jane-skarratt-childrens-author-and-ccf-supporter/

The Importance of Poo on the iBookstore

There are now 3 Higgledy-Piggledy Farm ebooks on the iBookstore! The latest hotch-potch misadventure is ‘The Importance Of Poo!’ (just $2.99). To celebrate this new release, the other two HP Farm stories are now only $1.99 each. So, you can purchase 3 books for less than $7!  And don’t forget, half the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF). https://www.facebook.com/cambodianchildrensfund Just click on the widgets on the right hand side of this page!

The Importance of poo coming soon

The animals on Higgledy-Piggledy Farm are in search of the Number 1, Number 2! Who will be awarded this V.I.P – the Very Important Poo? Will it be Sheep, Chook or Moo? Or will it be another type of Pooey Poo? Whoever wins, one fact remains: It was a very good diarrhoea to come up with such a prize – seeing some animal poo is better for your garden than others! Poo-ray! Poo-ray!

The Importance Of Poo! is the third ebook in the Higgledy-Piggledy Farm Series. Half the proceeds from the sale of this book will also be donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF). https://www.facebook.com/cambodianchildrensfund

Christmas in July on higgledy piggledy farm

Dairy Christmas in July to you and your family! The Higgledy-Piggledy Farm animals are celebrating with the launch of ‘The Dairy First Ice Cream Christmas’ on  iBookstore. Moo-ray! Moo-ray! For more festive misadventures, check out facebook.com/higgledypiggledyfarm

Christmas in July on Higgledy Piggledy farm

As you know we’re a mixed up messed up, hotch-potch bunch on Higgledy-Piggledy Farm, which is why we celebrate Christmas in July instead of December! After all, it’s not what you’d expect, which is why it’s so Higgledy-Piggledy! We have so much to share with you this month. A new book coming soon on the iBookstore, weekly snow reports, a pom pom scarf pattern and an all-natural ice cream recipe. So, make sure you keep following us on  facebook.com/higgledypiggledyfarm  – it’s dairy important that you do! Mooray! Moo-ray!

Chook Chook the tassie farm

Fans of Higgledy-Piggledy Farm have shared their farm yard to back yard animal stories with us. And you can read all about them on facebook.com/higgledypiggledyfarm Chook Chook belongs to Joanna and Grant, who live on a busy road in Melbourne. One day Chook Chook strolled in and literally made herself at home – taking  over the dog’s kennel first and then the shower!

Tassie farm ducks in house and garden

Quack! Quiff here. Or am I Quaff? No need to Quibble over a name when you’re in this month’s House & Garden magazine. Yes! That’s me in the photo! I star in a four-page feature on the real-life Higgledy-Piggledy Farm. Eb is in the background or is it Flo? Hard to tell them apart. He’s camera shy. If you’d like to see more, turn to page 89 of H&G (July issue – out now).

House and Garden visit the Tassie Farm

Since the latest edition of House & Garden launched, the Higgledy-Piggledy Farm animals haven’t slept a wink. The ducks have been preening themselves for all those sticky beaks passing by. The pigs continue to hog the limelight and the cows are milking the publicity for all its worth. This is Quibble and Quip – they can’t agree on who has the best Quiff! Quack!

House and Garden visit Tassie Farm 2013

The July edition of Australian House & Garden is now available.
H&G People has devoted four pages (89-92) to our 23 acre farm. One of our favourite photos is the farm’s white duck, roaming around willy-nilly. Can you guess which Higgledy-Piggledy duck he inspired? Was it Bill, Beak, Feathers, Down, Eb, Flo, Quibble, Quip, Quiff or Quaff?!

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