When ‘centimetre perfect’ is close enough

June 9, 2012

how to plant tassie garlic
When it comes to planting garlic, we agree with AFL commentator, Dennis Cometti. Centimetre perfect will do.
But there’s no need to pull out the ruler. Our measurements are just  an approximate guide.
Planting garlic  in 3 easy steps:
1. Using a broom stick, dig holes 8-10 cm apart in the soil you have already prepared. Your soil should be well-drained and your ‘patch’ in a sunny spot. Digging the holes first will help make sure the lines are straight and equally spaced apart.
2. Once you have dug your holes, fill each one with a clove of garlic, ensuring the pointy end faces up.
3. Cover with soil. That’s it, you’re done and dusted. Just remember to fertilise 2-3 times throughout the growing cycle and don’t forget to WEED. Garlic won’t compete with weeds. Mulching will help and it will also keep moisture in the soil. In six months you’ll be enjoying garlic that doesn’t have any food miles or that’s been sprayed with nasty chemicals.

The Tassie Farm