Raspberry Jam made with Tassie Raspberries

January 3, 2015
raspberry jam

Easy to make Raspberry Jam

Raspberry jam made from Mr Wolfe’s tasty raspberries.
The first jam of 2015. There is no better way to start the year than making your own raspberry jam.

This method was given to Kerry by her neighbour, Mary, an international jam maker. Don’t spread it around!
2lb or 900g fruit
2lb or 900g sugar
Place all your fruit into a pot on a low heat to soften and start the juices running.
Add  sugar.
Bring to the boil.
To make a jam that has the right consistency, Mary, the international jam maker, recommends you invest in a food thermometer so you can make sure the mixture reaches exactly 104C. It’s at this temperature that the acid and the pectin in the fruit react with the sugar, resulting in perfectly-set jam. This recipe can be used with any type of fruit.

There is also nothing better than home made raspberry jam and no-knead bread http://thetassiefarm.com.au/theres-no-need-to-knead/

What a great start to the year.

The Tassie Farm


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  1. The raspberry jam looks great but I prefer Apricot jam myself.