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Blacksmiths Nick Attfield and Ben Beames will be exhibiting this weekend at Adelaide’s Bowerbird Bazaar Design Market, 22-24 November 10am-5pm. Nick and Ben are Friends of The Tassie Farm and two of Tasmania’s finest smithies – forging hot metal using ancient techniques to produce contemporary works. For more on the not so bizarre at the Bazaar go to

Tasmanian Artist Blacksmith Association attracted over 300 to Wednesday night’s exhibition.
The chilly autumn evening was no match for the 300 enthusiasts who filled Hobart’s Salamanca Arts Centre’s Long Gallery. Opened by Violent Femmes bassist, Brain Ritchie, the Bent, Twisted and Upset blacksmiths fired up the local art scene selling a number of exhibited pieces and inspired discussions about future works. The Exhibition runs until 6 June and features pieces by Ben Beames, Nick Attfield, Simon Pankhurst, Pete Mattila and Richard Martin. Curator: Natalie Holtsbaum; Photos: Pete Punkette; Type and design: Alex Miles
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Tasmanian Blacksmith and Tassie Farm’s very own Nick Attfield, fires up in a new exhibition.
Official Opening Wednesday 22nd May, 2013.
Presented by The Tasmanian Artist Blacksmith Association, Nick will be joined by fellow smithies Ben Beames, Pete Mattila, Richard Martin and  Simon Pankhurst. This melding of sound, moving image and sculpture will also involve Violent Femmes bassist, Brian Ritchie and artisits Dr Deb Malor, Nick Smithies, Mosh Zsabo and Stu Williams. For more information click on one of the links below.

Blacksmiths at MONA

January 3, 2013

Hot, sweaty men get bent and twisted this weekend.
The Menagerie’s very own Nick Attfield (pictured right) will heave and ho alongside a tough-as-nails band of smithies this Saturday, 5 January on the rooftop of Hobart’s Museum of New and Old Art (MONA).
Nick, and other members of The Tasmanian Artist Blacksmith Association, (Richard Martin, Ben Beames, Simon Pankhurst, Bruce Beamish and Pete Mattila), will bang in the new year with a live exhibition entitled, Bent, Twisted and Upset – Ancient metal moving techniques. Their display of brute harmony will be accompanied by sound artist Nick Smithies who’ll be sampling and mixing beats in a live metal machine music performance. For more of the scoop visit