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Scarf with pom poms

July 15, 2014

winter scarf the tassie farm
Winter wouldn’t be winter without a scarf. And our dreams of being cheerleaders wouldn’t be complete without a pom pom! 

How to knit this Scarf:
Made with 3 scones of Patons Romance 8ply Merino Rich Cashmere.
Used 6mm knitting needles. Stocking stitch (first row plain second row purl). Repeat first and second until desired length. Carole’s scarf is 35 stitches wide. TIP: Don’t forget that the wool will curl in.
How to make these Pom Poms:
Made with Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran. Cut two cardboard circles and poke a hole in the middle. TIP: The wool that ties the pom poms together needs to be very long. Use it to attach the poms poms to the scarf. There are plenty of youtube clips or you can buy a pom pom maker.
Photo: Pom Poms by Kerry and Scarf by Kerry’s mum, Carole.
Thanks to Jaynie Campbell Driver (aka Soup) for her props.