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Tomato passata brought to you by from Clever Hen on Vimeo.

The Tassie Farm’s last crop of rich, sweet tomatoes is being cooked up as passata (passato or passata di pomodoro). It’s neither tomato paste or tomato sauce. Maybe somewhere in between. Passata can be used in any recipe that asks for tomatoes as an ingredient, like meat based dishes, and you can make tomato soup from passata. So, when the tomatoes have all disappeared off the vine, there will still be bottled passata to relish all year round. Source:
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growing tomatoes in tasmaniaGrowing tomatoes can be touch and go, especially in Tassie. Most years Kerry and Nick have been in the red but this year it’s been a bumper crop. According to Tasmanian grenthumbs, the cut off to  plant is by Hobart Show Day, which is late October.

In 2013, Kerry and Nick took a punt and planted their tomatoes in early December. They planted a number of varieties into their well composted vegie patch. The most abundant was the Ailsa Craig  pictured above. Thank you to neighbours John and Mary, who have been successfully growing tomatoes in Tasmania for years. They gave these seedlings to Kerry and Nick.

Late planting meant a late harvest. In fact, it wasn’t until mid March 2014 that the green fruits blushed a passionate red and The Tassie Farm was boasting sweet, home grown tomatoes. Even today, Kerry and Nick are still harvesting and processing their tomatoes. So far they’ve made, chilli jam, tomato and sweet fruit chutney, semi sundried tomatoes in oil, tomato ketchup and their first batch of passata.

The best thing about growing tomatoes is that you don’t need a big patch – just a pot with some rich compost and the right variety for wherever you live. If you’d like to relish in more tomato stories, click here