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Garlic: mid season update

October 5, 2013

Garlic planting on The Tassie Farm happened in May/June and harvest isn’t until December – so we thought we’d give you a mid season update on how our ‘crop’ is progressing. As you can see it’s looking good! Apart from those pesky weeds.

As you may remember, we staggered our planting – in mid May, early June and finally, the last row went in on 21 June, Winter Solstice. We plan to compare all three rows at harvest time. In other posts we have mentioned that garlic needs a cold winter, a moist spring and a warm, reasonably dry November and December. In Tassie, we’ve had two of those  weather ingredients. Fingers crossed for three.

So, have a Bo Peep at your crop and tell us how does your garlic grow? We’d love to know.

Garlic, garlic and more garlic. That’s what you’ll find on The Tassie Farm over the next few weeks. Why? Because it seems you can’t get enough of this potent and pungent herb. In fact, the most popular search terms on our blog in 2012 were,how to plant garlic’, ‘planting garlic’ and ‘growing garlic in Tasmania’. So, we thought we’d dedicate the rest of June to everything garlic – serving you growing tips, recipes and the why and when to harvest. Plus, oh yes there’s more, myths, remedies and even allergies to garlic!