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Kale vegetable the tassie farm

Kale isn’t just a must-have in your diet, it’s also a must-be-seen in your vegie patch. This on-trend vegie also happens to be healthy and tasty too. While there are many varieties, The Tassie Farm grows ‘Russian Red’, otherwise known as ‘Ragged Jack’. Another type is ‘Cottagers Kale’ which just so happens to be Peter Cundall’s favourite – legendary ABC Gardening Australia presenter.

As Peter will tell you, Kale is full of vitamins and minerals (see additional health benefits below). Other varieties include Blue Curl Scotch, Curly, Lacinato, Redbor and Two Peters (not named after Peter Cundall). This wonder leaf is a great addition to any salad or as The Tassie Farm can vouch, Kale chips and smoothies are delicious. Recipes will be posted here soon!


  • Filled with powerful antioxidants such as carotenoids and flavonoids
    to help protect against various cancers.
  • On its own, it’s a low calorie food that is high in fibre and has zero fat. 1 cup of leaves has only 36 calories, offers 5 grams of fibre, and zero grams of fat.
  • Because it’s a good source of fibre, it aids digestion and intestinal cleansing.
  • High in iron that’s good for proper liver function and per calorie. Kale has more iron than beef.
  • Per calorie, kale offers more calcium than milk.
  • High in: Vitamin A – good for vision and skin. Vitamin C – helpful for your immune system, metabolism, and for hydration. Vitamin K – for protection against various cancers.

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