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Growing garlic

July 3, 2014

 garlic the tassie farm
Growing garlic is a science. You plant in winter and harvest in summer. Sounds simple enough but there are little tricks and tips that will help give your crop a healthy boost. Preparation is our No.1 ‘must-do’, so here’s The Tassie Farm way to prepare the soil:

You may remember our post on 29 May when we picked the last of our tomatoes Well, when we did, we dug the bed through, adding a lot of natural compost before covering it in hay. About a month later we added worm wee and poo, sheep poo and organic fertiliser We then dug up the soil (again) and relaid the hay. Last weekend we lifted the hay and just like magic, the soil was rich and wriggling with worms. We then planted two garlic varieties – Tassie Purple and one from neighbours Mary and John, called the ‘Rural Gift Garlic’ (make-up name). Once again that faithful old hay went back on top to keep the weeds at bay and the soil moist. In total, 80 cloves were planted and we’re hoping this will see us through until June 2015.

If you can’t plant your own garlic, you can buy it here: or

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February 15, 2013

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