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Poo in newspaper!

February 10, 2014

The Tassie Farm's children's book authors
Poo is making headlines! This scatological tale was created to raise money for the Cambodian Children’s Fund.
Children’s books for a children’s charity – it’s the best idea these two  authors have ever had. For the full story visit

House and Garden visit tassie farm
House and Garden, Australia’s No.1 home design and decorating magazine pays us a visit.
The magazine’s People section devotes four pages (pp89-92) to The Tassie Farm – showing off Nick and Kerry’s home and Nick’s blackmsithing forge. For more on Nick’s work, check out and

‘The ducks think they’re roosters. They sit under our bedroom window and quack until we wake up.’
‘Clever Hen thinks she’s human. She won’t stop knocking on the front door until we give her breakfast.’
These little anecdotes and many more inspired the Higgledy-Piggledy Farm Series. You see, Menagarians, Kerry and Nick, live on a farm just outside Hobart. So, what happens in real life often sneaks its way into the stories of the Higgledy-Piggledy books. Two titles will launch as ebooks in early December: The Dairy First Ice Cream Christmas and
Pigs Might Fly But They Can’t Lay Eggs.

Christmas ibook launch

November 1, 2012

Two ibooks coming soon – just in time for Santa.
You’re invited to join in the topsy-turvy adventures on Higgledy-Piggledy Farm. It’s the place where everything is a mess. A hotch-potch.
A mish-mash. Nothing less. And you’ll soon be part of all this mixed up madness when the Higgledy-Piggledy Farm stories become ibooks in early December.

Written and illustrated by Jane Skarratt and Kerry Hodge, the first two ibooks will be called: Pigs Might Fly But They Can’t Lay Eggs and
The Dairy First Ice Cream Christmas
. We hope you get a giggle out of Higgledy-Piggledy Farm. The stories are full of farmy fun for the whole family!