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936ABC Radio Hobart interviewed Higgledy-Piggledy Farm’s illustrator, Kerry Hodge, earlier this week. Click on the story and listen to her talk about the new sound version of ‘The importance Of Poo!’ iBook.

Election Winner Announced

September 8, 2013

Election victory and the title of Very Important Poo has gone to Worm Poo. Voted the No.1 No. 2 for your garden and this is why:

– Plants love worm wee and worm poo (castings).
– You can use worm wee to nourish your pot plants – just mix one part wee to ten parts water.
– To separate the castings from the worms, just put a pile of soil in the sun. Worms hate light, so they’ll crawl down to the bottom of the pile. Then, every few minutes, simply scrap off the top layer of poo! As the sunlight reaches the worms, they’ll dig deeper into the pile. Eventually, you will have separated the poo from the worms!  Just add water to the castings and splash it around the garden to provide extra nutrients.
– Or for potted plants, just use a 10 cent piece sized amount and put that around the base.
– Worms turn all sorts of things into compost and their poo doesn’t smell either!

Official election results 49% Worm Poo; 18% Chook Poo; 9% Sheep Poo; 8% Cow Poo; Other Pooey Poo 16%.

‘The Importance Of Poo! Now with Plips and Plops.’ Available on iBookstore for only $3.99 and the non-sound version for $1.99. Half the proceeds are being donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

The importance of poo snake poo
Snake Poo can be used to keep mice away. Which is all very well, but who would go looking for it?! Apparently you place the snake poo near entrances and in places where mice like to hide. It’s believed, among experts, that snake poo also deters possums. Of course, make sure it’s out of the reach of children and pets.

One ABC radio listener from NSW even found she could buy snake poo online @$15 per 50 grams. It was mailed to her from Victoria in a padded post bag and arrived a day or two later! In case you’re wondering, snake poo looks like something a dog or cat would do. Smell-wise, it would get rid of your worst enemy. You almost feel sorry for the mice and possums!

Vote 1 Snake Poo – Winner and Grinner announced 7 September!

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The-Importance-of-Poo-Higgledy-Piggledy-Book-Tassie-FarmHiggledy Piggledy Farm animals are in search of the Number 1, Number 2! So, the million dollar question is: Who will claim the coveted title of V.I.P – Very Important Poo? Follow us here or on Facebook to find out. 

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Half the proceeds from all HP Farm book sales will be donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF).