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Higgledy Piggledy gives to CCF

Christmas is a time for giving which is exactly what you’ll do when you purchase a Higgledy-Piggledy Farm children’s book. Give any book to your children and the authors will donate half the proceeds to the Cambodian Children’s Fund. There are three titles in the Higgledy-Piggledy Farm Series and one of them is an original, Australian Christmas tale. It’s called The Dairy First Ice Cream Christmas and it’s only $1.99 (iBook). The other titles include The Importance of Poo! $1.99 iBook (also available as an interactive iBook with sound $3.99 or in paperback: $15 + postage); and Pigs Might Fly But They Can’t Lay Eggs $1.99 (iBook). This means you can collect the whole iBook series for as little as $6. The iBooks are available from iTunes and the Poo! paperbacks are available right here from our bookstore

All the animals on Higgledy-Piggledy Farm and The Tassie Farm wish you and your family a very Dairy Christmas and a Happy Moo Year!

Poo in newspaper!

February 10, 2014

The Tassie Farm's children's book authors
Poo is making headlines! This scatological tale was created to raise money for the Cambodian Children’s Fund.
Children’s books for a children’s charity – it’s the best idea these two  authors have ever had. For the full story visit

Thank Poo! Gardening Club

February 3, 2014

middleton country fair the tassie farm

Thank you to The South Channel Gardening Club for helping us spread the word about the newly-released ‘The Importance Of Poo!’ paperbacks at The Middleton Country Fair.

Glorious weather and big crowds were relished for the one-day event. While the gardener’s were showing off their fare, Kerry and Nick were selling raffle tickets at the Middleton Fire Brigade stand, where Nick is a volunteer fiery. Local celebrities took to the stage, namely Tasmania’s much-loved Tino Carnevale from ABC TV’s Gardening Australia and Nick Haddow from Bruny Island Cheese, Telstra’s 2013 Business Award winner.

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Middleton-Country-Fair-The Tassie Farm
Gardening is what we love and The South Channel Gardening Club will be selling the newly-released  ‘The Importance Of Poo!’ paperbacks at The Middleton Country Fair this Saturday, 1st February.

Rain, hail or shine, The Middleton Country Fair says it will be on in any weather! About 2,000 people usually attend the one-day event. There will be over 70 stalls including crafts, antiques and collectables, wine, cider, preserves, sweets, plus bands, pony rides and sheep shearing. And of course ‘The Importance Of Poo!’ for sale with half the proceeds being donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

Held at the Middleton Community Centre in McDowall Street, The Middleton Country Fair is celebrating its 23rd year. The Fair runs from 10am to 4pm. Entry is free for children and $5 for adults. Middleton rests on the glamorous sounding d’Entrecasteaux Channel about 45 minutes south of Hobart or 25 minutes north of Cygnet.

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Fat Pig Farm Loves Poo!

December 23, 2013

Thanks to Sadie, Hedley and The Gourmet Farmer (Matthew Evans) –  who loved the iBook SFX version of Poo! and posted a review on their page If you don’t have an iPad, don’t worry! A limited edition print run of ‘The Importance Of Poo!’ will be available in the Poo Year! Like us on Facebook so we can let you know when they are ready. For a sneak preview and free iBook sample, check out the widgets on the RHS of this blog. This funny and runny story is only $3.99 and half the proceeds are donated to the Cambodia Children’s Fund, founded by Australian humanitarian, Scott Neeson


‘FUNraising instead of a Fundraising’. That’s what Jane and Kerry hope their children’s books are doing. ‘It’s fun creating picture books, so it makes sense we call it a FUNraiser,’ Kerry said. Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) recently interviewed Jane, one of the authors of the Higgledy-Piggledy Farm books. If you’d like to read the article, just click on this link

More importantly, if you’d like to buy the books so half the proceeds can be donated to CCF, just click on any of the iBookstore widgets on the right hand side of this blog. The books are only $1.99 and $2.99 each and are easy to download from iTunes with the FREE iBooks app, straight to your iPad.

For more on the Cambodian Children’s Fund – a charity started by Australian humanitarian, Scott Neeson, check out

Gallop to the polls

August 28, 2013

Horse manure will give your vegie and flower garden a step-up in nutrient levels because horses  are often fed supplements. So, giddy-up to the polls and Vote 1 Horse Poo! Source:

[poll id=”7″]

Of course, if you really want to find out which Poo is best for your garden, simply download ‘The Importance Of Poo!’ Just click on the iBookstore widget right here –> and it will take you to iTunes where you can download the book onto your iPad with the FREE iBooks app. This very POOtrid story is only $2.99, with 50% of all Higgledy-Piggledy Farm book sales will be donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF).

The manure debate is heating up as we edge closer to the 7 September election! Which manure to use on what and when? These 10 Poos and Don’ts may help you make up your mind before voting. 

1. Whether it’s cattle or free-range chooks, any animal with a diet of grass or vegetable scraps will produce manure that reflects the nutrient balance that plants need from the soil.

2. When it comes to adding body to the soil, there’s nothing like natural manure as a soil conditioner. As the manure breaks down, it adds valuable humus to the soil, which helps store nutrients and water.

3. If you’re lucky enough to use fresh manure, then be careful because it can have high salt levels which will burn plants.

4. To remedy this, place the manure into a pot plant, run some water through it so you dilute the nutrient levels. Dilute the manure enough so it looks like weak tea – the perfect tonic for your flower or vegetable garden.

5. Diluting will also allow any weed seeds in the manure to germinate and they will die before you’re ready to use it.

6. When using manure, fork it into the topsoil as soon as possible.

7. If manure is left sitting on the surface, much of the nitrogen, particularly from chicken manure, may be lost as ammonia gas.

8. By digging it in, the nitrogen will help your leafy vegetables.

9. If you can, use a mixture of compost and manure – a great combination. Some gardeners also like to add blood and bone when they’re planting ‘heavy feeders’ like potatoes and corn.  Others also use liquid kelp or fish emulsion.

10. Of course, if you really want to find out which Poo is best for your garden, simply download The Importance Of Poo! Just click on the iBookstore widget right here –> and it will take you to iTunes where you can download the book onto your iPad with the FREE iBooks app. This very POOtrid story is only $2.99, with 50% of all Higgledy-Piggledy Farm book sales will be donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF).



Higgledy Piggledy Farm animals haven’t slept a wink since the real-life HP Farm was featured in this month’s House & Garden magazine. The ducks have been preening themselves for all the passers-by who’ve stopped to have a sticky beak! The pigs are hogging the limelight and the cows are milking the attention for all its worth. Higgledy Piggledy Farm is a children’s book series based on the real life Tassie Farm The first book in the series, ‘Pigs Might Fly But They Can’t Lay Eggs’ is now an iBook and available on the iBookstore for just $2.99. It’s also been nominated for a Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year award. Half the revenue from all book sales will be donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund

An award? Pigs Might Fly!

March 13, 2013

speech-pathology-book-award-higgledy-piggledyOne of the Higgledy-Piggledy Farm ebooks has been nominated for a Children’s Book Award.
Pigs Might Fly But They Can’t Lay Eggs has been entered in the Speech Pathology Australia 2013 Book Awards – Best Book for Language and Literacy Development for Young Children (aged 2-5 years) category. The nominating, Melbourne-based, speech pathologist has over 25 years experience in language and literacy, working in schools and her private practice. This is what she had to say about this topsy-turvy tale:
“I love the repetitive idea and sentence structure that runs through this book. I think the story will be a winner with the kids as they love anything that’s a bit perverse – the opposite of what you would expect – a la Wacky Wednesday Dr Seuss.”

Celebrate Pig In Mud Month with a copy of Pigs Might Fly!
This hotch-potch misadventure is only $2.99 with half the revenue from sales being donated to the Cambodian Children’s Fund. Just click on this link for the Higgledy-Piggledy bookstore.