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MOFO, MONA, FOMA, TABA! Any idea what we’re talking about? MONA is Tasmania’s world-acclaimed Museum of Old and New Art and every year in January MONA hosts MOFA – the Festival of Music and Art (15-19 January). But just to totally confuse everyone, MONA’s MOFA is shortened to MOFO! One of the headlining ‘acts’ at this year’s MOFO is the Tasmanian Artists Blacksmiths Association (TABA) whose clanging and clinking will be recorded and remixed by Nick Smithies who isn’t a Smithy, he’s an electronic artist! The Tassie Farm’s (TTF!) Nick Attfield (NA) is one of Tassie’s Smithies who’ll be forging live on Saturday, 18 January from 6-10pm, MAC Precinct – Macquarie Wharf Shed 2, Hunter Street, Hobart.

Blacksmiths Nick Attfield and Ben Beames will be exhibiting this weekend at Adelaide’s Bowerbird Bazaar Design Market, 22-24 November 10am-5pm. Nick and Ben are Friends of The Tassie Farm and two of Tasmania’s finest smithies – forging hot metal using ancient techniques to produce contemporary works. For more on the not so bizarre at the Bazaar go to