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Thank Poo! Gardening Club

February 3, 2014

middleton country fair the tassie farm

Thank you to The South Channel Gardening Club for helping us spread the word about the newly-released ‘The Importance Of Poo!’ paperbacks at The Middleton Country Fair.

Glorious weather and big crowds were relished for the one-day event. While the gardener’s were showing off their fare, Kerry and Nick were selling raffle tickets at the Middleton Fire Brigade stand, where Nick is a volunteer fiery. Local celebrities took to the stage, namely Tasmania’s much-loved Tino Carnevale from ABC TV’s Gardening Australia and Nick Haddow from Bruny Island Cheese, Telstra’s 2013 Business Award winner.

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A big day out down under

February 3, 2013

The Middleton Fair  – a Tassie day full of funfare.
The D’entrecasteaux Channel was filled with the sound of bagpipes and the Hobart Veterans’ Band, while Nick and Kerry drummed up business at the Middleton Fire Brigade stand. They were quietly chuffed with the number of raffle tickets that were sold. Rumour has it, more were snapped up than last year. The sell-out stands went to the home made scones and sausage in blankets. As the sun came out, the fair-goers shed their coats as did the sheep in the shearing demonstrations. There was a menagerie of animals on show – donkeys, blue-tongue lizards and jersey cows. Even the Tassie Bantam Association paraded their wares. Kerry missed a lot of the action in the hall – where Matthew Evans and Tino Carnevale were speaking – she was too busy raffling! She didn’t even have time to see her neighbour, Mary the international jam maker, talk alongside Matthew Evans. But as they say, there’s always next year!

Good ol’ fashion fanfare is coming to town. Saturday, 2 February.
With the magnificient D’Entrecasteaux Channel as the backdrop, the local rag, ‘The Cygnet and Channel’, is talking up the fair’s fare. The South Channel Garden Club will take the spotlight, along with Tino Carnevale from ABC TV’s Gardening Australia and SBS’s Gourmet Farmer, Matthew Evans. From patch to plate, the fair will also feature honey grower, Hedley Hoskinson and potato officiando Alec Dean.
Of course there will also be all the usual fanfare too – jumping castles, rides, face painting, cup cake icing and cooking demonstrations. Last, but by no means least, Kerry and Nick will be on raffle ticket duty at the Middleton Fire Brigade stand. They’d love to see you – so make sure you say ‘hi’. We’ll post photos from the fair on Sunday morning.
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