Web Child chooses Poo! as No.1

March 23, 2014

Web Child is the online hub for all the CHILD magazines and they’re running their first-ever iBook giveaway. The children’s story it will feature, is none other than The Importance Of Poo! http://www.webchild.com.au/win/national-giveaways A total of 10 copies wil be given away between 24 March – 4 April, including 5 interactive iBooks with sound and 5 non-sound iBooks. So, if you’re an iPad or mac lover and want to be ‘poopular’, check out webchild.com.au for your chance to win. Read the 4 out of 5 star Web Child review here http://www.webchild.com.au/reviews/kids-books/book-review-the-importance-of-poo
And for more pooey stories go to https://www.facebook.com/higgledypiggledyfarm

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